Someone's EP

Lyon Tide - Someone's EP
The band have the makings of becoming a major player and it won’t be long until their sound spreads across the UK and beyond.
Luke Knowles
Touching lyrics and captivating synths.
All round awesome tracks.
You really have a natural inclination toward electro-pop-inspired sound.

Someone’s EP is the last release from the Beginnings Of Ends era which hosts variant versions of the two singles; Someone and Science alongside a brand new original track, ‘Ode To Scarlet’, and two remixes of our debut releases, ‘Closure’ and ‘Blind’.

Underneath this skin,
is buried someone deep within.

Lyon Tide

Accompanied by two music videos, the EP wavers between shoegaze indie pop, new wave, electro-pop and alternative rock with a reminiscent 80s/90s vibe.

Cover Art by Liz Y Ahmet